The Classic Dungeon Crawl

All Dead Generations is first an effort to understand how and why classic (pre-1990 or so) fantasy table top roleplaying games were enjoyable and what the classic style of play requires. This page attempts to collect and arrange the blog's posting on theory issues related to a common aspect of those games - the Dungeon Crawl.

Introduction - What is a Dungeon Crawl
Exploration Play
The Risk Economy - Part 0, Exploration and Orienteering
The Risk Economy - Part 1, Time
The Risk Economy - Part 2, Supply
The Risk Economy - Part 3, Threat

A series of musings on aspects of or topics ancillary to the main argument:

On Illusionism
On Encumbrance, Experience and Treasure
On Trust

Attempts to illustrate ideas and facilitate discussion of the Dungeon Crawl by taking a close look at various contemporary products.

Descent into Avernus - From a Dungeon Crawl Perspective
Descent into Avernus - Dungeon Keying
Dragon of Icespire Peak - Point Crawls, Cliche and Introductory Adventures

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