Monday, October 26, 2020

Prison of the Hated Pretender 2020 Release

A revised, updated, edited, illustrated and annotated version of my 2012 Prison of the Hated Pretender is now available for purchase and download at DriveThruRPG.  The adventure is introductory, and now includes copious notes on running classic style adventures as well as conversion details for 5th Edition D&D. 

Published through the amazing Hydra Cooperative, and available here:

DriveThru Link

Prison of the Hated Pretender is a small (10 room) introductory adventure - the lair of a cursed despot, eternally tortured by the spirits of his victims.  Focused on faction interaction and simple puzzles, the Prison seeks to introduce unfamiliar players with some aspects of classic dungeon crawl style play.

Well received since its initial publication, this new edition adds a rewritten set of professionally edited keys, aimed at greater usability and coherence, a newly redrawn maps (GM's, blank and annotated for quick reference), illustrations, and a set of tutorial notes.

As an introductory adventure, I'm particularly proud of the notes, as they should make running the adventure easier for players new to the classic, problem solving play style. Because of the Prison's size, these notes are largely focused on issues of faction conflict, and encounters such as: asymmetrical encounter design, reaction rolls, monster goals and morale. While published to be compatible with the 1980's editions of Basic D&D and "retroclones" such as Labyrinth Lord and OSE, the mechanics and concepts at its core are easily adapted to 5E play and Prison of the Hated Pretender includes 5th Edition stats for its new monsters as well as notes on conversion. 

Because of it's long term status as a free product, my personal beliefs about the value of hobbyist produced content and its short length, I've asked Hydra to release Prison of the Hated Pretender as a
Pay What You Want PDF with a suggested contribution of $5.  It is a complete adventure however and should be ready to quickly introduce to your table. If you wish to encourage more products like Prison of the Hated Pretender, please review and rate the product, either on DriveThru RPG or elsewhere, as this will help introduce it to as many new players as possible and hopefully spread greater understanding of how classic play works and why it can be fun.

-Gus L.


  1. Purchased immediately! I've run this adventure several times over the years and am excited to read the re-release.

    1. Hope you enjoy it, the adventure is almost unchanged(treasure values are up a bit, phantasm numbers and descriptions adjusted). If you have any impressions reviews and such are greatly appreciated.


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