Sunday, September 18, 2022

Gus L. Free Adventure Archive

I've created an Archive of all the free adventures I've written since 2012 here:


I also wrote a paragraph about each the adventures included to place them within my own design evolution and perhaps a larger story of OSR design from 2012 - 2020.

In Other NEWS Tomb robbers of the Crystal Frontier is available as a Print on demand version, on Drivethru for $16.00 (as of 9/22 - print costs change). This version includes an area map, added art and a new supplemental adventure.

Questing Beast Youtube Review

link for purchase


  1. Thank you! Uh, about the blog though, did it always have this hard to read font?

    1. Most of the time it's in Robot Condensed - BEBAS NEUE shouldn't be that bad... but... getting free stuff is supposed to be unpleasant. Next time I will ask people to send me UCP codes from cereal boxes and then wait 4-8 weeks for mailing.

  2. I accept your malice and disdain with love, my dear Gus.


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